Managed Printing Services

A print infrastructure that guarantees efficiency, productivity and cost savings.
ShelDon MPS is based on IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology that delivers value over five distinct but inter-dependent phases:
ShelDon will conduct an MPS Audit to understand your requirements. The audit process will assess your current print fleet, print behaviour, capturing project requirements and determining a total cost of ownership for the current state.
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ShelDon’s experienced consultants will use your MPS Audit results to design a print and document solution that meets and evolves with your changing needs. We’ll work with you to define the business case, propose the service solution and clearly state the guaranteed savings.
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Our team will implement a program to ensure a seamless transition to your new managed solution, using a defined methodology, training and communications to support both your organization and end-users.
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Our Support Team will ensure your print fleet and document workflows maintain optimum performance over the long term, placing the highest importance on achieving agreed KPIs and SLAs.
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ShelDon MPS will use captured service and performance information to deliver continual improvements, supporting your evolving organizational needs.
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Managed Printing Services
The Discover phase of ShelDon Managed Print Services provides the vital baseline from which to launch a new print and document management strategy.
First we carry out an MPS Audit

Using a powerful combination of specialist software and professional expertise, we’ll undertake a detailed assessment of your print and document environment, identifying how your organization manages its print and document workflows today and how you might need it to change in the future. ShelDon has several options to choose from, depending on your organizational needs, the level of analysis you require and the detail required to design the appropriate solution.

Basic Discovery Assessment
A snapshot of your printing environment.
A Basic Discovery Assessment provides visibility into the machines you have, your usage levels and costs without installing any software onto your network. Once completed, we will give you an indicative cost of print to your organization – regardless of whether you own, lease or rent your existing devices. Then we can talk about improving your print devices and procedures.
A Discovery Audit & Assessment
A deep insight into your print environment and document usage.

A Discovery Audit & Assessment provides a detailed insight into your print and document workflows. This audit and assessment option provides you with complete and transparent view of your document output infrastructure along with an indicative proposal based on initial findings that may include: right sizing of your device fleet, a balanced deployment plan and recommendations regarding document output management solutions to improve availability, simplify workflow processes and reduce total cost of ownership.

This audit option provides a complete and transparent view of your entire printing infrastructure and how it is used on a daily basis. With a diagrammatic floor plan to show device locations and a full cost assessment, it provides the platform for recommendations on lasting cost savings and productivity enhancements.

Document and test the proposed technology within your IT environment, confirm the security compliance of the solution, integrate procedures within helpdesk systems, define the business case, propose the service solution and state the guaranteed savings.
ShelDon will use data from the Discover phase of MPS to design a solution that will optimise the way your organizations operates.
The solution we recommend will incorporate the most appropriate hardware, software and services to deliver measurable benefits over the long term. Importantly, it will be planned to suit your operational needs and desired pace of change.
Depending on your organizational needs your MPS design can:
  • Ensure a consistent user experience with the same user interface across all devices, so minimal training and support are required
  • Provide sophisticated functions that make working life easier, such as scan direct to email, PDF or into existing systems
  • Deliver a universal printer driver, which means users can use any device without having to install individual drivers for each device
  • Allow My Print Anywhere, meaning users can pick up their pages when and where they want, without worrying that someone else will collect them by mistake
  • Draw on our range of world-class printing and imaging devices and a strong suite of software products to optimise your organizations print management
  • Define clear policies and governance to determine device types, availability and capacity; as well as ensuring that the right people can output to the right resource, at the right cost
  • Extend to the support for and management of 3rd party devices within your existing fleet, proving a single point of contact for print related services by managing consumables and maintenance arrangements on your behalf. In this case we will work with you to remove excess costs by consolidating your print fleet over an agreed timeframe
ShelDon will discuss and design the contract SLAs with you prior to commencing implementation, to ensure expectations are clear and that we can measure your solution’s success against defined objectives.
Project Management
Our project management service ensures the deployment of the MPS solution in accordance with agreed parameters, such as time, quality and cost control, to ensure a smooth transition. Using assigned Project Managers and/or management teams, we co-ordinate all deliverables in order to minimise disruption to your organization and to maximise the speed, ease and simplicity with which the new solution is adopted. This will include key milestones and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
ShelDon Solutions, Business and Service Design Consultants will work with your team to create a service architecture design to deliver the optimum print environment to support your objectives.
Transition & Implement.
We project manage the implementation of your new solution to ensure a seamless transition, all the time working to minimise the impact on operational activities and end-users. We ensure that every element is delivered in line with your on-going operational needs and key performance indicators.
Program Management
Communication & Education

While implementing a new printing and workflow system can be unsettling, a proactive approach to engage staff, create understanding and build loyalty can minimise the impact.

The ShelDon MPS team will work closely with people in your organization who could be sensitive to change. Face-to-face communications as well as intranet and email promotions can be used to convey and develop understanding.

Only through effective and consistent communication of the change itself; of the requirements and benefits of that change; and the impact on the end user, can resistance to change be removed and future state achieved.

End User Training

When it comes to getting the most from your MPS solution, end user training is critical. ShelDon’s comprehensive training program will be tailored to meet your organizational and end user needs.

Training can be conducted via a variety of methods, including classroom-based courses on or off-site, as well as one-on-one or small group programs.

During the training program your staff will learn:

  • How new devices work, highlighting features/functions to maximise productivity
  • How to manage workflows and usage as a result of new software applications
  • Who to contact at ShelDon for ongoing printing needs
Hardware, Software & Services Implementation

Following the Discover phase, all activities will be designed and scheduled to minimise disruption to your organization.

New devices and software will be installed and existing devices redeployed and/or removed, in line with an agreed schedule, to ensure a smooth transition from the legacy environment to the future state.

Support & Manage
Maintain the end to end solution and keep the systems up to date, constantly monitor performance, maintain the services and manage the fleet. Constantly monitor and report performance.
Support & Manage.
As a Managed Print Service provider, ShelDon is focused on continually improving IT Service Management related processes. In doing so, we aim to help you avoid unnecessary expenses, control changes to your fleet resources and manage fleet expansion to reduce the impact on your organization.
Fleet Management

In order to support our customers’ organizational objectives, we design and implement tailor-made print management solutions that address our customers’ needs − both now and for the future. Once implemented, these solutions require specialist and dedicated management in order to deliver on the financial and operational KPIs or SLAs agreed in the Contract or overall SLA.

A dedicated Support Team Manager will take responsibility for every aspect of your MPS contract, ensuring agreed SLAs are met and your return on investment is maximised. Working with your team and ours, as well as external vendors where required, your Support Team Manager will deliver successful change management and education, increase the uptake of new technology and work to improve employee productivity, reduce print-related costs and enhance asset availability across your organization.

Configuration Management & Maintenance
This service ensures that a customer’s printing environment consistently operates at an optimum level. It also ensures that all policies in relation to print and the organization are adhered to, including printing, procurement, security and end-user policies. The service also contributes to a smoother transition process in case of changes to the printer fleet environment – such as Installation, Moves, Adds or Changes (IMAC) or solutions upgrade installations. It also expedites the disaster recovery process if a critical failure occurs in the IT environment.
Service Desk
Your IT staff and end-users will have a single point of contact at ShelDon for all queries, incidents and problems. A range of options are available all of which will help free your internal IT resources to focus on their core business activity – and increase your fleet uptime.
Asset Management
We will pro-actively design, implement and manage your assets from the Discover phase through to Review. In doing so, we can track, financially manage, plan and efficiently implement the most appropriate devices and applications throughout the course of your contract.
MAC Services
ShelDon MPS MAC Services offer expert onsite services to Move, Add or Change your hardware and software as necessary. The required protocols, procedures, information exchanges, permissions and authorities to undertake these services will be agreed and fully documented within your service contract schedules and version controlled MPS Operations Manual.
Regularly propose actions to improve the performance of the infrastructure. Certify the functional and security compliance of any Configuration Item change in the Customer’s IT environment. Regularly propose actions to improve performance from both a commercial and operational point of view.
Unlike some managed service solutions, ShelDon Managed Print Services includes a Review phase to ensure the solution we deliver in the Transition & Implement phase is optimised over time to meet the evolving needs of your organization.
Management Information Reporting

Your Support Team Manager will use Management Information Reporting and regular customer review meetings to recommend lasting improvements in operational efficiency, staff productivity and cost savings.

ShelDon’s expertly prepared quality-of-service analysis and service-compliance reports provide an update on all aspects of support performance, including call history, trends, performance metrics, contract changes/ updates, and more. Importantly, they enable your Support Team Manager and ShelDon print and document specialists to proactively identify and address unusual trends and occurrences before they impact your organization. And they give you ongoing visibility into the performance and overall effectiveness of your MPS. ShelDon’s Management Information Reports will be used in periodic management reviews.

Management Information Reporting covers the following areas of your MPS:

  • Service Performance (SLAs)
  • Device Utilisation
  • Asset Management, including MAC
  • Trends and CSIReview
CSIReview Meetings
These ensure all key stakeholders openly review performance against objectives, discuss specific direction and action tasks. Your Support Team Manager will coordinate and facilitate these Review Meetings.
Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

ShelDon Continual Service Improvement aligns our current and pipeline services with the current and future strategic needs of your organization, the maturity of your IT processes and your environmental policies.

In doing so we forge a path towards a genuine, mutually beneficial partnership with your organization that enables both parties to work towards increased productivity and reduced costs.